PHD Capital

Small Pots

Small POTS have

Enhance your returns from Nifty Index.

Small time Frame, HIGH ROI Options strategy.

No Prior Options Knowledge Required

Executed in Your Own Demat Account

One-Time Entry

Auto-Exit by broker

You Will Love Us,
If You Are..

Aware of the fact that

Post expense ratio and churning, Mutual Fund cannot achieve your financial goal.

60% of entire Mutual Fund Industry money is invested in just top 9 Nifty stocks. 10% goes to HDFC twins.

Someone who prefers

MF Direct Plan against expensive regular way

We are Zero Fixed fee. Buying Direct equity is close to zero cost nowadays. You can mimic MF via equity, for free.

Unable to commit

50 Lakhs to Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

No minimum Balance with us. We can mimic the best PMS in market.

NOT comfortable in

Giving Power of Attorney (POA) to anyone

Execute Yourself. We just provide you with advise and guidelines. No POA involved.

How to Start

1. OnBoard

EKYC, Agreement between us. Everything is paperless. Start our onboard Process Now

2. Our Relationship Manger connects

Every person is different. Let us not dis-respect your hard earned money with senseless automation.
We personalise our service for you.

3. Guidance

We guide you via email. You can get the investment executed form your broker.
We do not touch your capital.

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